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This website is dedicated to providing information and stimulating discussion about residential applications for radiant home heating systems.

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Radiant Home Heating systems encompass a wide variety of products and methods of operation. The one thing that they all have in common is their ability to radiate infrared heat to the home environment in the same way that the sun radiates infrared heat to the earth's environment. This commonality however is often overlooked in an effort to differentiate between various products and methods of operation. Not only is the commonality overlooked but there is often substantial differences of opinion as to the exact manner in which radiant heat systems work and how they are differentiated from other heating systems.

It is our hope that we will be able to stimulate radiant heat discussion be referencing and reviewing many pages on the World Wide Web that present different understandings and opinions. We believe that the radiant home heating industry will benefit from a clearer view of what actually constitutes a good general definition and explanation of how radiant heat works.


Principles of Radiant Home Heating
   Differentiating Heating Systems
   Comfort Efficiency
   Types of Heat Transfer
   Home Heating Systems & Heat Transfer
   Indoor Wind Chill Factor
   Understanding Thermal Comfort
   Radiant Temperature vs Air Temperature
   The Layered Approach to Home Heating
   The Path to Thermal Comfort
   Radiant Heat and Thermal Comfort

General Information on Radiant Heat
   How Radiant Heat Works
   U.S. Department of Energy
   Thermal Mass - How it Works
   Thermal Mass - General Principles
   Myths About Radiant Heat
   Radiation Heat Transfer

Information on Radiant Appliances
   Ways Radiant Heat is Distributed

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   Comments & Information Contribution

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